The Head Start Program studies the effect of nutrition intervention on hospital readmissions and preventing permanent home bounding specifically for adult cardiovascular and diabetic patients.

In order to participate in the program, patients are referred to Meals on Wheels by their physician upon discharge from the hospital. The client will then receive 30 days of medically-tailored meals, at no cost to them, as well as nutritional education and food from Meals on Wheels’ preventative health pantry.

The Head Start for Seniors program is a FREE pilot program spearheaded by Meals on Wheels and Eskenazi Health in an effort to reduce hospital readmissions for patients over 55.

Qualifying candidates must be over 55 and a current patient at Eskenazi Health.

The Program Includes the Following Benefits:

  • One month of complimentary medically-tailored meals (M-F). *Includes one hot and one cold meal

  • One box of shelf-stable food (approximately one month supply) in conjunction with the physician’s diet order.

  • Daily wellness checks from a Meals on Wheels VIP volunteer.

Medical Professionals Referring Clients

  • Please fax the client’s diet prescription stating the type of diet that is needed for them.
  • If you need a diet prescription, you can download the attached diet order below, print it out, and fax it to our office.
  • You will also need to fax or mail a client application completed with all the clients’ information.
  • Click below to print out the application.
  • If there are any questions, please call the Meals on Wheels office.
  • If financial assistance information is needed, please call our office to discuss options for the client.
Click Here for Contact Information

Phone: (317) 252-5558

Fax: (317) 252-5559


Mailing Address:
Meals on Wheels, Inc.
PO Box 40969
Indianapolis, IN 46240

To Access a Printable Application, You May Download the File Here.

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