The Generational Jump “Kick Off”

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We are ready to jump! On February 21st our inaugural class Jumpers kicked off their Generational Jump experience with a morning of learning and celebration at The Sol Center. Fifteen Jumpers braved the snow to participate in the festivities. Throughout the event, the kids learned about Meals on Wheels and got insight on what it is like to be homebound.


The highlight of the event was the relay races that simulated the limitations of a disabled person. Teams of four were challenged to fully dress, take a reading test and open a jar of applesauce with an oven mitt while never letting go of their walker. Jumpers learned first-hand how hard it is for a disabled person to complete the simple tasks we take for granted every day. It was a true delight to watch our Jumpers maneuver their walkers into a position where they could put on pants and button a shirt! New Jumper Keegan Stein gets an honorable mention for most creative use of a walker!

Jumpers also participated in group bonding activities that included creating their own class logo and power clap.

Now our Jumpers begin their service to Meals on Wheels as they go out into the greater Indianapolis area to deliver meals to the homebound.

These kids are truly inspirational. If they have motivated you to service, consider joining the Meals on Wheels volunteer army. If you have a teen that wants to become a Jumper, the fall semester class will begin in late August upon the start of school. For more information contact us at

Continue to check back regularly for updates on their progress and pictures of this amazing group in action.

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